NCB Global Finance Limited (‘NCBGF’) is a Trinidad & Tobago based Non-bank Financial Institution and Broker-Dealer, licensed and regulated by the Central Bank of Trinidad & Tobago and the Trinidad & Tobago Securities and Exchange Commission respectively. 

NCBGF is authorized to carry on the following classes of business:

  • Loans and leases (includes vehicle & equipment financing and commercial mortgages)

  • Licensed FX dealer (NCBGF is one of twelve licensed FX dealers in Trinidad & Tobago. Business is done in most major currencies including US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Great Britain Pounds, Euros and Canadian Dollars)

  • Insurance Premium Financing

  • Structured Trade Financing (includes invoice factoring)

  • Fixed Deposits (NCBGF offers Fixed Deposits in both TTD and USD and is a member of the Deposit Insurance Corporation. Fixed Deposits are offered for terms of one to five years and for less than one year for similarly licensed institutions and insurance companies)

  • Investment Banking

  • Primary access to Government of Trinidad & Tobago short term securities auctions (OMO)

Our Investment Banking abilities include but are not limited to:

  • Arranging and Underwriting stock and bond issuances

  • Arranging (both sell and buy side) and funding of Equity block trades

  • Bond trading

  • Syndicated loans

  • Project Financing

  • Structured finance (sale & lease back, BOLTS)

  • Receivables Factoring & Reverse Factoring

NCB Global Finance Ltd. is effectively a 100% owned subsidiary of NCB Financial Group Ltd. and which represents the group’s banking interest in Trinidad & Tobago and the Southern and Dutch Caribbean. The NCB Financial Group Ltd. (‘NCBFG’) also owns:

  • 62% of Guardian Holdings Ltd; the Caribbean’s largest Insurance conglomerate in the English speaking Caribbean (measured by GWP); &

  • 50.1% of Clarien Group Ltd., owner of Bermuda’s 3rd largest commercial bank, Clarien Bank Ltd.;

NCBFG is majority owned by Jamaican born Canadian Michael Lee Chin but it is a public company that:

  • is cross listed on the T&T and Jamaica Stock Exchanges

  • has an asset base of circa USD 10.7 Billion

  • has a capital base of circa USD 1.1 Billion

  • owns 100% of NCB Global Finance Ltd. via NCB Capital Markets Ltd. 

A copy of NCBFG’s latest published financial performance is attached for ease of reference. Our latest annual reports can be accessed here: https://www.myncb.com/Investor-Relations/Reports/Annual-Reports